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POLL: Is Emmanuel Macron responsible for France's far-right rise? Vote here

French President Emmanuel Macron took a major political gamble on Sunday night as he decided to call a snap election following a massive surge of the far-right National Rally (RN) in the European elections.

The RN obtained about 32 percent of the votes, more than double the 15 percent received by the list backed by Mr Macron.

As the snap election is already fast approaching, taking place in two rounds on June 30 and July 7, Express.co.uk is asking its readers whether they think the French President is responsible for the surge of the far right in his country.

François Ruffin, a member of the now dissolved National Assembly and of the left-wing populist La France Insoumise party, appeared to place the blame on Mr Macron for the victory in Europe of the RN, of which Marine Le Pen is president in the French Parliament.

He told BFMTV following the election announcement: “We have a madman at the head of state, an arsonist of the Republic.”

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Challenged over his blistering words, he continued: “You know, it’s not just today, it’s a clinical diagnosis that has now been made for seven years.

“Why do we have a rise in the far right like this? The truth of Emmanuel Macron’s record is that he is opening the door to power to Marine Le Pen and the far right.”

While Mr Macron and Ms Le Pen have been political enemies for several years, in December his centrist party Renaissance backed together an amended bill toughening up immigration policies.

The vote was hailed an “ideological victory” by Ms Le Pen while it divided Mr Macron’s party and prompted Health Minister Aurélien Rousseau to resign in protest.

Among the reasons behind the surge of the RN on the European stage could be Mr Macron’s popularity being worn down by years in power. Moreover, the European elections are often seen by citizens as a way to cast a protest vote to shake up those in power in their countries.

Additionally, Ms Le Pen has been trying for years to widen her party’s reach and soften its image.

While she hasn’t changed her stance on anti-immigration, one of the key policies abandoned by Ms Le Pen is leaving the eurozone.


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