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POLL: Do you think the UK should stop selling arms to Israel?

In the wake of the recent Israeli airstrikes in Gaza that resulted in the tragic deaths of seven aid workers, including three British nationals, a growing chorus of voices is urging the UK government to reassess its policy on arms exports to Israel.

The incident has reignited debates on the ethical implications of supplying weapons to countries engaged in conflicts that raise concerns about human rights violations and international law.

As the debate intensifies and global attention focuses on the implications of arms sales to conflict zones, the fundamental question emerges: Should the UK continue selling arms to Israel given the recent events in Gaza?

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The call for action has come from various quarters, with demands for transparency, accountability, and adherence to international humanitarian law taking centre stage.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s defence of the UK’s export licensing regime has been met with scepticism, as critics question the moral responsibility of continuing arms sales to Israel in light of the recent events.

Former diplomat Lord Peter Ricketts has emphasised the need for immediate humanitarian intervention, stressing the urgency of holding Israel accountable for its actions.

He has called for an immediate ceasefire and increased pressure on Israel to comply with international humanitarian law, suggesting that the UK should consider halting arms supplies to the country as a means of exerting leverage.

Liberal Democrat Leader Sir Ed Davey and Shadow Foreign Office Minister David Lammy have echoed these sentiments, urging the government to take decisive action and suspend arms exports to Israel.

The issue of transparency regarding legal advice on arms sales to Israel has been raised, with calls for clarity on whether such exports align with international law and human rights standards.


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