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POLL: Do you back new MOT test changes introduced in April? UK drivers attack move

Motorists can have their say on major MOT rule changes introduced last month with frustrated road users already calling out the plans. 

Angry road users have attacked new MOT updates as “boneheaded” as many blasted the DVSA for making a mistake. 

From April 29, officials began axing paper MOT pass certificates for HGV owners in the first part of a move towards digital services. 

Instead, details about a vehicle will be uploaded to an online portal which can be accessed real-time within minutes.

The plan is likely to be expanded in the coming years as part of the DVSA’s Vision 2030 objective. 

However, fail certificates are not yet being affected with printed certificates still issued to those who don’t make the cut.

You can now have your say on whether to back the move after widespread criticism from fellow motorists. 

Express reader @GrahamP remarked: “Another bonehead scheme with total reliance on digital technology when everybody knows digital technology can’t be relied on.”

@Kalergi68 added: “So they’ll print a failed mot certificate, but a pass on request. Something is seriously wrong with these people.”

@Laurie 366 posted: “Why is everything going digital when every day we see that systems are down or being hacked.”

@rexx commented: “The move to digital storage and eradicating paper records might be modern, but it is also much more open to hacking. Government does not have a very good or robust record on keeping data safe, does it.”

@seanc9292 reacted: “No charge for fail certificates at this time, in other words, if you want a paper copy it will cost you more, how is it all these cost-saving scams always cost you more in the long run.”

DVSA spokesperson Gordon Thompson claimed motorists “don’t need a piece of paper” if their information is stored online. 

He added: “I understand this might be quite a big change for some of you, but it’s important we best use the digital services we have available to provide a modern and efficient vehicle testing service, which meets your needs.”

However, some Express readers were not against the scheme and even appeared to back the update. 

@charlieboy160 wrote: ”I’ve had mine online for years on a great app called Know Your Car, which sends you reminders when your MOT is due. Simples.”

@MrGee claimed: “As long as your vehicle passes the MOT, the details are accessible online, which the police will be able to access also.”


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