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Police officer fired over 'outrageous' OnlyFans 'traffic stop' video

A police officer was fired after he allegedly appeared in an “outrageous” video shared on the content subscription service OnlyFans.

The footage, obtained by Tennessee-based outlet WTVF, shows the officer apparently engaging in sexual activity with a woman during a purported traffic stop.

The man’s face remains covered throughout the video but he appears to be wearing his official uniform during the explicit exchange.

The clip was shot from the perspective of a passenger in the front seat of a car and shows the officer pulling up in a white car.

The female driver is then quoted as saying: “I’m not going to get a ticket…I’m going to show him my —-.”

The local broadcaster reports the male officer identified himself as “Officer Johnson of PD” before asking the woman for her licence and registration, claiming she had been speeding.

In response, the woman exposes her breasts to a seemingly unimpressed officer.

He said: “Ma’am, it’s 2024. I can see —- on the internet any time.” The woman is then quoted as granting the officer permission to grope her.

According to WTVF, the rest of the clip shows the pair engaging in explicit behaviour, touching each other.

They also allege the officer’s patch is slightly visible in portions of the video clip.

The Metropolitan Nashville Police Department (MNPD) confirmed the unidentified officer was fired in connection to the video.

MNPD public affairs director Don Aaron described the incident as “outrageous.”

He added: “That was one of the most outrageous, disrespectful acts that a person here could do. And by disrespectful, I mean to all the MNPD employees and this agency.”


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