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'Playing fast and loose with people' Vanessa Feltz FURIOUS at 'hideous' EU vaccine farce


Vanessa, 59, joined Phillip Schofield, 58, and Holly Willoughby, 40, on Tuesday’s edition of This Morning as the vaccination row in the EU continues. Several countries have withdrawn their use of the Oxford Astrazeneca jab and it is thought more than 7.8 millions unused vials are sitting on shelves currently. The resident Agony Aunt of the ITV programme vented her fury with EU leaders and questioned why they were suspending the vaccine if there is no scientific evidence to support it.

The presenter said: “Frankly, it’s absolutely baffling and that is the word that is being used. I spoke to a professor of virology this morning on my radio show and he said they are puzzled, baffled and confused.

“There is no link at all that is established between blood clots and the Astrazeneca vaccine. None whatsoever and in fact, if no one had been vaccinated at all, this number below 40 would be completely normal.

“Therefore, what is the explanation? And I’m afraid what politicians are doing, if that’s what they’re doing, is playing fast and loose with the lives of their residents and the people they should care most in the world about.

“One professor in France said today that every time you delay by a day, you delay 100,000 vaccinations by a day for people over the age of 50 and 15 people will lose their lives to Covid.

“So add that up throughout Europe and you have a potential tragedy playing out.”

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