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PIP UK: DWP confirms face-to-face assessments will resume – everything you need to know


PIP assessments have been predominantly conducted over the phone in recent months as coronavirus forced the limitation of social interaction. However, the DWP have updated their guidance today on how face-to-face assessments should be rolled out and managed going forward.

Detailed guidance has been issued to claimants on what they should expect before their physical assessments, what the rules are for face coverings and assessment centre etiquette and what should be done after the person has left the assessment centre.

On the assessment itself, the Government confirmed the following: “There are signs on assessment room doors to show if the room is in use so no-one comes in accidentally and breaks the 2 metres social distancing rule.

“All assessment rooms allow for two metres social distancing between you, anyone you bring with you (who is not in your household) and the healthcare professional. You and anyone you bring with you, should keep your face covering on during the assessment. The healthcare professional will also keep their face covering on.

“During your assessment, the healthcare professional will observe you at a distance of two metres while you demonstrate any movements. They will not come into physical contact with you.

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“For Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit (IIDB) assessments, the healthcare professional may need to physically examine you but they will wear more protective equipment such as an additional face shield, an apron and gloves.

“If the healthcare professional suspects you, or anyone with you, may have COVID-19 symptoms, the healthcare professional will stop the assessment. You will be asked to go straight home maintaining social distancing and minimising contact with others.

“For more information on travelling, please read the government’s safer travel guidance for passengers. You will need to follow guidance to self-isolate with your household and arrange for a COVID test as soon as possible.

“After each assessment, the room will be cleaned, especially areas such as door handles, chair arms, desks and other places that are touched most. Every room will be cleaned ready for the next appointment.”

For PIP and WCA specifically, the guidance highlights that healthcare professionals should aim to maintain at least two metres of distance between themselves and the claimant and companions at all times.

These assessments will also be strictly no-touch affairs.

The physical assessments will be conducted at a distance of two metres with the claimant demonstrating active movements only.

Full details on the new rules and guidance can be found on the Government’s website.

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