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PIP: State pensioners may be eligible for support & face 'light touch' reviews – check now


PIP can be awarded to those who need help with some of the extra costs associated with long term physical or mental health conditions or disabilities. To be eligible for PIP, a claimant must usually be aged between 16 and state pension age.

For those who are still receiving PIP into retirement, a change of the assessment rules will likely be seen.

PIP payments will no longer be reviewed when a person reaches state pension age.

Instead, according to the Money Advice Service, claimants will get an ongoing payment and a “light touch” review after 10 years.

Most PIP claimants will be told if their claim needs to be reviewed going forward and details of this will be laid out in a letter.

So long as a claimant is eligible, they’ll get a payment that can be made up for two parts.

There is a daily living part which has a weekly rate of either £60 or £89.60.

A mobility part payment of either £23.70 or £62.55 per week can also be awarded.

PIP is usually paid every four weeks and recipients may also be eligible for additional support through carer’s allowance, working tax credits or council tax reductions.


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