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PIP claimants urge DWP to change 'unfair' application process – 'traumatic and inhumane'


PIP or Personal Independence Payments, are available to individuals to provide them with support for some of the additional financial burdens associated with certain conditions. While PIP can offer support to claimants, a petition has recently criticised the Government for its handling of the application process. The petition, appearing on the official Parliament website, is entitled “Review the Personal Independence Payment (PIP) application process” and has urged the Government to take action to help claimants.

The petition continued: “The PIP process is unfair, traumatic and inhumane, denying disabled people their rights and putting them at financial risk.

“It affects their mental health and puts them through months of distress.

“It overwhelms the court system where incorrect decisions need to be challenged.

“It wastes taxpayers’ money when decisions are reviewed, and lines the pockets of private companies.”

The Government, however, has responded to the claims outlined in the petition, stating it is doing everything it can to support PIP claimants.

Of the 4.1million initial decisions made following an assessment, the DWP states, by June 2020, nine percent had been appealed with five percent overturned.

At the time of writing, the petition has gained 10,434 signatures, with 10,000 signatures triggering an official Government response.

At 100,000 signatures, the petition must be considered for debate in Parliament, which means the situation may be taken further. 

This year, the Government is set to publish a Green Paper on health and disability support. 

The intention of this document is to examine how the welfare system could be altered to better meet the needs of disabled individuals and those with health conditions.

It is hoped the Green Paper will allow the process to start where PIP claimants can live independently, and move into work where possible. 

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