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PIP: Britons may be able to get up to £151 for joint pain or other conditions – check now


PIP or Personal Independence Payments, are overseen by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), offering financial aid to help with some of the costs associated with a condition or disability. The payment is tax-free and can help individuals whether they are in work or not. However, PIP is not just a payment which is awarded to people with outwardly visible disabilities or health conditions, and can provide important support to a wide range of people.

This does not, however, mean a person who has reached state pension age cannot make a claim for PIP, and these individuals can check their eligibility with the Government. 

PIP is ultimately comprised of two parts – the daily living component and the mobility element.

The daily living aspect of PIP can help individuals who need assistance more than half the time with things such as preparing or eating food, dressing and undressing, engaging with others or personal hygiene. 

The mobility part of PIP, however, is reserved for individuals who need help going out or moving around.

Whether a person receives one or both of these payments will depend on their circumstances, namely, the severity of their condition. 

The DWP has now confirmed the PIP rates for the 2021/22 tax year will increase, providing an uplift for eligible Britons.

The standard daily living component will rise for £59.70 to £60, while the enhanced rate increase will be from £89.15 to £89.60.

There will also be increases worth noting for those who are in receipt of the mobility element of PIP.

The standard mobility rate of the payment will also undergo a rise, from £23.60 to £23.70, and the enhanced mobility rate increase will be from £62.25 to £62.55.

Individuals, then, who are in receipt of the enhanced payment of both daily living and mobility could get just over £151 worth of support. 

Other benefits and payments are also set to increase in the new tax year, including Universal Credit and the state pension.

People will be able to claim PIP by calling the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) to get the ball rolling on their application. 

Certain information such as contact details, National Insurance number, doctor’s information and bank details will be necessary to provide. 


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