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Piers Morgan's wife breaks silence on his GMB exit by posting parody 'Right on the money!'


Journalist Celia Walden, 45, has taken to Instagram to give her fans a humorous insight into what she looked like on her first weekday morning waking up next to former GMB presenter husband, Piers Morgan, 55, following his decision to leave the show. Since 2015 the outspoken broadcaster has been getting up at 4am to ensure he is in the ITV studio to go live with co-star Susanna Reid, 50, at 6am.

Celia shared a parody video created by a social media user with her 31,800 Instagram followers that she said accurately summed up her first Wednesday morning with her husband.

The short clip shows a woman – not Celia – waking up, before turning to look towards the other side of the double bed in shock.

Text also appears on-screen, reading: “Piers Morgan’s wife waking up this morning”.

The Telegraph columnist posted the video with the caption: “Right on the money”.

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“I wouldn’t believe it if she read me a weather report.”

Celia echoed her husband’s feelings on the interview and took to her Telegraph column to air her views on the matter.

After watching the explosive interview, the journalist jibed that Meghan Markle delivered an Oscar-worthy performance, deserving of a “Best Actress In A Leading Role” award.

Celia said: “The following artist, nominated for Best Actress In A Leading Role, delivered her performance with complexity, nuance and depth.

“Let’s take a look at some of her best work now…”

The journalist went on to detail one specific moment in the interview, which she said best “showcased” Meghan’s acting talents.

Celia labelled the “Little Mermaid scene” of the interview as the part most deserving of an Oscar, before going on to sarcastically applaud Meghan for likening herself to the Disney princess.

Piers’ wife wrote: “Boom. Deafening applause. Standing ovation.

“The Oscar for Best Actress 2021 goes to… Meghan Markle”.


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