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Piers Morgan says Queen must reprimand Prince Michael Of Kent over ‘shocking behaviour'


Piers Morgan, 55, has slammed the alleged “shocking behaviour” by Prince Michael Of Kent on his Twitter page today. The former Good Morning Britain host fumed after it was reported by The Sunday Times that the Queen’s cousin allegedly sold “privileged access” to Vladimir Putin’s Russian regime to his business clients.

The publication shared a tweet with a link to their article, and said: “An undercover investigation can disclose that Prince Michael of Kent is alleged to be secretly selling his privileged access to Vladimir Putin’s Russian regime to business clients seeking favours from the Kremlin #Royalsforhire.”

Piers retweeted the post and added his opinion over the matter in view of his 7.9 million followers.

He typed: “Shocking behaviour by Prince Michael Of Kent. 

“Shameless, sleazy & a very serious abuse of his royal status, not to mention a potential threat to our national security. 

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In response, his followers gave their opinions over the reported allegations.

One said: “Didn’t even know there was a Prince Michael of Kent.”

A second replied: “Hopefully Piers this is going to be fully investigated? Well done for raising the issue. Pity you are no longer on @GMB.” (sic)

A third commented: “I feel for The Queen after so recently losing Prince Philip, she now has to deal with the onslaught of the media and vile comments on social media brought about by another family member. What a traumatic time the past year has been for her.”

They shared: “As is standard practice, Prince Michael’s private secretary made it clear to the company’s representatives during their conversations that nothing could proceed without the agreement of the British Embassy and the help of the Russo-British Chamber of Commerce, of which Prince Michael is patron.”

The Sunday Times and Channel 4’s Dispatches claim that the Marquess described Prince Michael as being able to meet Mr Putin and make representations on behalf of a company set up by the reporters.

The Marquess is said to have warned them that the prince’s services were “confidential”, adding: “We’re talking relatively discreetly here because we wouldn’t want the world to know that he is seeing Putin purely for business reasons.”

Prince Michael’s office denied to the Sunday Times that he had a “special relationship” with the Russian president

In a statement, they said that he had not been in contact with Mr Putin or his office for almost 18 years.

The Prince and Princess Michael of Kent are not working members of the Royal Family.

During the pandemic, they attended around 200 engagements a year, according to the Royal Family’s website.

The website includes a biography that described the Prince as being “connected to Russia through his maternal grandmother”.

The Prince and Princess do not receive public money.


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