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Philip Schofield highlights brilliant tip on an iPhone women can use if they are in danger


Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby were joined by Deidre Roberts to host today’s phone-in. This Morning viewers were asked to get in touch and share their experiences of harassment following Sarah Everard’s death last week. After hearing a few accounts, Phillip left the studio to get his personal phone and then proceeded to show everyone watching at home how to raise an alarm on an iPhone should they find themselves in a dangerous situation.  

“I’ve just been to get my phone – I haven’t got an Android so I don’t know what the situation is with Android, this is just an iPhone,’ he explained. 

“But if you press the side button five times very quickly… then it does that,” he demonstrated and an alarm went off. 

“And then it calls the emergency services. It’s quite a loud noise because you could obviously hear it. 

“But that’s something worthwhile. It also locks your phone and you have to put your passcode in, you don’t use facial recognition,” Phillip said. 

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It comes after Sarah Everard’s tragic death has sparked widespread conversation about how safe the streets are for women in particular. 

The 33-year-old walked home last week from Clapham Common to Brixton after visiting a friend’s house – the same pavements which hundreds of people tread every day. 

As the police investigation ramped up to find her, local women were warned to be careful when venturing out alone. 

And when a police officer was arrested – and subsequently charged with Sarah’s murder – the head of the Metropolitan Police Cressida Dick acknowledged that women in London and beyond “will be worried and may well be feeling scared” – although she did go onto say woman to be abducted off the street was an “incredibly rare” event.

She said: “The government were introducing a bill with a whole load of other measures in it this afternoon in the House of Commons in the wake of people telling their stories on social media about what’s happened to them – schoolgirls being followed him in the dark when they’re in their school uniform by men curb crawling and that’s not even against the law. 

“So we’ve got some opportunity to make some changes.

“It is odd isn’t it; if a man curb crawls because he’s looking to buy sex, if he’s curb crawling for prostitution and it interferes with the neighbourhood that is a criminal offence,” Harriet explained. 

“But if a man is curb crawling a schoolgirl and leering at her and calling her to get in his car that is not an offence – and that should change. 

“Also, harassment is an offence if there is a repeated cause of conduct if it’s somebody you know. 

“But to harass someone you don’t know on the street isn’t an offence.

“Cars and vans ought to be driving from place to place not driving down windows and preying on young girls after dark, going home from school – why should they live in fear?” She remarked. 

If you or anyone you know has been affected by Sarah Everard’s storyline, please see Rape Crisis’s website here for free confidential advice and help. 

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