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Philip 'described as having armfuls of girls around him' during romance with the Queen


Prince Philip has recently been reunited with his wife the Queen after a month-long stay in hospital. The Duke of Edinburgh will likely be thrilled to be at home with Her Majesty.

The couple has been married for almost 75 years, an incredible feat.

Tonight their relationship is being discussed by experts tonight on Queen Elizabeth: Love, Honour & Crown.

The programme looked specifically at the pressure her royal role has put on her family relationships will be discussed.

As the future Monarch of Great Britain, it’s understandable family members would keep a close eye on her choice of husband. Whomever they might be, they would end up performing a vital role in the Royal Family.

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“Rake” in an old-fashioned word used to describe young men who were preoccupied with womanising in particular.

It wasn’t just Elizabeth’s welfare her family were worried about. It was important the Monarch marry well for another important reason.

At the time she married the Church of England did not accept second marriage and divorce was still looked down upon by most of society.

Expert Professor Kate Williams said: “She cannot be divorce. We can’t have a divorced head of the church, so the marriage has to succeed.”

“It’s very important to them that Elizabeth’s marriage and her family is perfect,” explained historian Dominic Sandbrook.

“Anything that threatens that they think will threaten the integrity of the House of Windsor.”

However, Elizabeth did marry Philip and with 75 years of marriage under their belts, one can hardly argue Philip wasn’t the best possible suitor for Her Majesty.

Royal editor Ingrid Seward said: “The Queen has a very stubborn steak and despite the opposition, she stuck her heels and she said no I want to marry him.”

Prince Philip’s charm offensive is renowned, and old pictures have shown the Prince meet female members of the public, displaying his “old-fashioned charm.” Photos of Prince Philip in ‘charmer mode’ gazing ‘into the eyes of the woman’ he’s with

She said: “Prince Philip has a charisma that belongs to another era.

“Describing it means using words from a novel by Jane Austen. The Prince looks ‘dashing’.

“He has a ‘twinkle in his eye’ but can appear ‘irascible’ and ‘like a man who would not suffer fools gladly.

“His confidence signals are solid, like oak. He grew up in a time well before sexual equality and possibly still exists in it, thanks to the Windsor bubble of tradition and protocol.”


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