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Petrol stations given just 30 minutes to reduce 'rip-off' prices or face fines

Petrol station bosses will be given just 30 mintues to change their prices or be hit with fines.

The Government is reportedly finalising plans for a Pumpwatch regulator that is set to be announced in the next two weeks.

According to The Sun, the regulator would aim to address profiteering among supermarkets and petrol stations.

It will use real-time data to monitor the price of petrol and diesel prices to ensure drivers are getting the fairest prices.

Forecourts not complying with pricing rules would face fines, although the exact amount is yet to be announced.

Pumpwatch was initially unveiled by Energy Secretary Claire Coutinho in January, although it has so far operated on a voluntary basis.

The next phase of the scheme is however set to be announced shortly.

An Energy Department source said: “Drivers should be getting the cheapest price at the pump.

“We are cracking down on the petrol station bosses who are not passing on savings, with retailers being forced to share real time prices every 30 mins, or face fines.”

Howard Cox of FairFuelUK, who has been campaigning for Pumpwatch, has called for “tough financial penalties” for firms who are “profiteering” at the “expense of motorists”.

He added: “Greedy fuel supply chain businesses know full well they are arrogantly untouchable… their voluntary participation in the scheme was unsafe.”

The Pumpwatch website will update every 30 minutes. It aims to increase competition among petrol stations up and down the country.

It comes as drivers are now paying £5.50 more for an average tank of fuel compared to January.

Petrol prices rose by 2p in April to 149.9p, while diesel rose by 2p to 157.7p, the RAC said.

The increase has largely been blamed on the conflict in the Middle East increasing the price of crude oil as well as the pound weakening against the dollar.

The RAC also highligted a “postcode lottery” for forecourt prices. 


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