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Petrol ban in just a few years but some councils have still given no money for EV rollout


Chris Pateman-Jones, founder of Connected Kerb said there were “real variations” to the commitment of resources for electric car projects across the UK. Speaking to Express.co.uk, he said he had been pushing the Government to spend some grant money to “support capability in some councils”.

However, he warned there was “direct correlation” between areas that had dedicated funds and their preparedness for transition.

Mr Pateman-Jones said: “When we go to councils around the UK, there are real variations to the dedication of resources to this topic.

“Some councils have dedicated resources looking at charging infrastructure and EV transition, and others have none.

“There is a direct correlation between those who have dedicated resources to those who deployed a lot of charging points and are able to support the community in making the transition.

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The Government’s Ten Point Plan commits £1.3billion to charging infrastructure across the Uk.

However, the Greene Finance Institute (GFI) says £950million of this will go on motorway charging stations, with just £90million set for local infrastructure projects.

The GFI also warns “there is no requirement” for local areas to provide charging points and it was simply “up to them to decide” based on local priorities.

The GFI said this risked the market becoming “unevenly distributed” which could “slow mass EV uptake”.

“You can’t blame London for doing it because it’s the Mayor of London that’s driven it.

“The Mayor has done a really good job, maybe its an impact of having control of the local transport system which is maybe something we need to look at elsewhere.

“London also has a lot of money to be able to invest in the capability to be able to deploy it.”

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