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Petrol and diesel owners may have to ditch cars due to costs as drivers ‘feel squeezed'

Petrol and diesel owners could ditch their cars due to the rising cost of motoring, according to a leading expert.

Car specialist Amanda Stretton has claimed more families could sell one of their cars to save costs as bills rise across the board.

The expert pointed out that road users were “feeling more and more squeezed” with many no longer able to keep multiple vehicles.

She pointed the blame at rising car insurance premiums, higher petrol prices, increased road tax fees and larger parking costs.

Speaking to GB News, Amanda said: “It is increasingly difficult for motorists to actually see the sense in keeping two cars if they feel they can get away with one.”

Last month, a new analysis from Confused.com suggested motorists were being forced “off the roads” due to the rising cost of motoring.

The study found a whopping 63 percent of road users have noticed an increase in their motoring costs over the last year.

A staggering 18 percent even admitted they had thought about selling their car over the past 12 months as costs continue to soar.

A recent poll from Close Brothers Motors Finance revealed the cost of living crisis was affecting motorists’ ability to use the roads.

The survey found that a staggering 63 percent have reduced the amount of time they drive or plan to in the near future.

Meanwhile, 43 percent of drivers have decided to or are planning to use more public transport instead of their vehicles.

Alongside the day-to-day costs, Amanda suggested the rise in Low Traffic Neighbourhoods and Clean Air Zones was also making it more difficult for local residents to justify visiting their town centre.

Amanda added: “It’s not so much about our autonomy and freedom, it’s about the way we live our life. I live four or five miles outside of Oxford and driving in Oxford is so impossible now, either with LTNs or with parking.

“I actually have not driven into Oxford for probably nearly a year and that is having a detrimental impact on business, on the way our towns and cities feel and the way they operate.

“It’s changing more than just our freedom and liberty. It’s changing our environment.”


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