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Peter Andre reveals surprise career shake-up as he puts focus on ‘managing’ son Junior


PETER Andre has revealed he’s planning to park his own career career aspirations to put his focus on “managing” his son Junior.

The Mysterious Girl’s eldest child, 16, is an aspiring singer who recently signed a recording contract.

Peter Andre on ITV’s Lorraine this morning

Explaining how he is helping Junior ahead of his music being released this spring, Peter told ITV’s Lorraine: “I took Junior to the studio a while ago. I was actually on my own album.

“I told him ‘get in the booth’ so he went in and everyone went ‘oh’. I said, ‘let’s just focus on him now’.

“Of course so much has been going on with me and the film so i thought I’d write music for it. It’s perfect because I can go in a different direction with music, but the focus is on Junior.

“I’m ‘managing’ him, without managing him if you know what I mean.

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“I’m there all the way through and have got a team to help me because obviously I’m busy as well.

“We’re focused on giving him artistic freedom and he’s about to release some fantastic music.”

Peter previously said “there’s a lot of fear” about Junior following in his footsteps in the music business.

But Peter, 49, said he was worried about the lad throwing himself into the industry like he did at the start of his career.

Speaking to New he explained: “Of course, there’s a lot of fear, because you get thrown into the lion’s den.

“But I’m hoping that with everything I’m telling him on a daily basis, he will be OK.

“We sit and we talk about things, and he knows I’m right next to him the whole time. It’s unbelievable how similar we are.

“Like me, he wanted to be an actor but he also has a talent for songwriting.”


Peter Andre’s son Junior is on the cusp of being a big star[/caption]


He explained both his eldest children have musical talent[/caption]

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