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Peston destroys Keir Starmer’s ’odd’ new tax policy – Labour just wiped out £15billion


The party conference began on Saturday 25 September and is lasting until Wednesday 29 September 2021. At the conference, Rachel Reeves, MP for Leeds West, took to the stage to announce a new tax policy if voted in.

The tax policy will be a suggested abolition of business rates.

However, Robert Peston of ITV has questioned the Labour Party for the new tax policy.

Mr Peston has suggested that the abolition of business rates has not had anything suggested to come in place of the rates, saying it could having an economic impact if nothing replaces it.

Mr Peston tweeted: “Slightly odd that shadow chancellor Rachel Reeves MP is announcing the abolition of business rates without saying what will replace it.

What she has announced is a short-term fix to reduce the burden on stores, hospitality and small businesses, but not a comprehensive new system.

“This feels like a hostage to fortune, with £15billion per annum of tax revenue at stake.”

Twitter user Ivor Wilde took to Twitter to express his concerns about the proposed change by the Labour party to the business rates.

They tweeted: “What a great gift to property owners.

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Ms Rayner described the party as “homophobic, racist, misogynistic [and] vile”, whilst adding they were “a bunch of scum” during a reception for activists on Saturday night.

However, Keir Starmer, leader of the Labour party, refused to back Ms Rayner in the aftermath of this.

He said that he would “not have used” the words in which Ms Rayner used, saying they were not an effective way of keeping with a “respectful political debate”.

Ms Rayner then doubled down on her comments made about the Conservative Party, despite Sir Keir refusing to back the deputy leader of the party.

Ms Rayner told Sky News: “If the prime minister wants to apologise and remove himself from those comments that he’s made that are homophobic, that are racist, that are misogynistic then I will apologise for calling him scummy.”

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