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People should wear smelly clothes to help save the planet, say experts


EXPERTS say we should wear smelly clothes to help save the planet.

Research suggests people are washing their outfits too often and we need to cut back to be more energy efficient.


Experts say we should only wash jeans once a month[/caption]

We should be washing jeans only once a month, jumpers once a fortnight and pyjamas once a week.

But underwear and gym clothes should still be washed after every wear, a Society of Chemical Industry report says.

It points out that washing clothes has a “huge environmental impact”.

And it says cleaning less often makes clothes last longer, recommending washing tops only every five wears, bras once a week and dresses every four to six wears.

Experts also say we should hand wash our undies.

Bizarre alternatives suggested for cleaning clothes include freezing jeans and steaming your knitwear.

Orsola de Castro, co-founder of sustainable clothing group Fashion Revolution, said: “Before washing machines were invented, washing was laborious and exhausting, so there were millions of ways to wash less and make clothes last between each wash.”

Fashion designer Stella McCartney previously said: “If you don’t absolutely have to clean anything, don’t clean it.” 

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