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People have minds blown after realising what an alpaca looks like without its wool

A viral video clip that has amassed a huge 37 million views has left people with their minds blown over how different an alpaca looks without its usual woolly coat.

An alpaca, which is a species of camel, is native to South America and often lives at high altitudes or in colder climbs, meaning it is covered in a stick fleece of wool like a sheep.

Like sheep, alpacas are shorn of their fleece by farmers at regular intervals and the wool is used to make clothing.

But in one hilarious clip shared on X (formerly Twitter), a freshly shorn animal can be seen with wool left just around its head and the rest of its body completely bare, which makes for a very comical image.

Luckily for the unexpectedly wool-less alpaca, its warm coat will grow back but in the meantime, it does look decidedly skinnier without the warm fur-like covering.

In a video clip, the alpaca at first appears with only its wool-covered head showing above a haystack.

But seconds later, the animal emerges from behind the straw bundle and shows that it is completely free of wool, with a head that now looks almost like a perfect ball perched on its skinny neck.

The alpaca, which now appears to have a body resembling a goat or a deer, then gingerly walks across a paddock where it is met by another alpaca still covered in wool.

The brown alpaca covered in its normal wool coat looks far larger than its shorn cousin and both animals make their way across the field on what looks to be a farm in South America.

Alpacas are a domesticated member of the camel family native to South America, they are a similar size to a large goat with long necks and thick wool fleeces.

In the Andes Mountains of South America, and in colder regions to the south of the continent, alpacas were used as pack animals to transport goods and for their thick fleeces which were used to make wool for clothes.


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