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People fear 'Bigfoot or something scarier' left these mystery 'humanoid prints'

A man thinks he may have photographed Bigfoot footprints during a walk on a “remote trail”.

Aaron Thiel posted pictures of the tracks to the Bigfoot Believers group on Facebook, revealing that he discovered them near Lexington in Kentucky, US.

Aaron noted that because the approximately two-mile trail was “super muddy”, he was closely watching his footing. He said he didn’t encounter anyone else on the trail and remarked: “It was raining the whole time.”

Near the end of his stroll, Aaron noticed a “weird” footprint and decided to snap a picture. As he continued his walk, he discovered “more fully formed humanoid footprints”.

Aaron penned: “It was muddy and definitely not a path to walk barefoot on.” He said the footprints were “fresh”, and claimed they were indented into the mud deeper than his own shoe tracks – despite him weighing 300lbs (136kg).

In some images, he placed his own size 12 (UK size 11) boot next to the footprints, demonstrating that they were nearly the same size. Though he confessed they were “small” for a Sasquatch, he still found the “very peculiar” circumstances surrounding their discovery suspicious.

In the comments section, reactions were mixed, with some Bigfoot enthusiasts suggesting the footprints could be from a young Sasquatch. One believer commented: “Squatch Teenager… not fully grown yet.” Another quipped: “That’s his cousin little foot.”

A third suggested: “Don’t think anyone would be walking around in mud, also significant weight to it. I believe it could be a juvenile.”

Sceptics, however, weren’t so easily swayed, proposing more down-to-earth explanations. One user remarked: “Looks like a foot that has been in a shoe. Be careful, could be some nut that hangs out in the woods preying on hikers. That’s scarier than a squatch.”

Another chimed in with: “It’s a feral hippie.” While someone else added: “People walk in the mud on purpose because it is good for the feet.”


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