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People could be put off buying your home for three tiny reasons

If you’re considering selling your home, naturally, you’ll want to secure the highest possible sale price and an offer that aligns closely (or much higher) than your valuation.

However, a myriad of potential issues could negatively impact your property’s value and final sale price. Don’t let yourself be caught out, if your property is on the market, be aware of the following factors. 

Cigarette smoke can discolour walls, ceilings, furniture, window frames and floors. Not only that, the smell can linger and could be off-putting to potential buyers. 

Another factor to consider is personal decor; what one might find tasteful, another could find jarring. To remedy this, a neutral colour scheme will enable viewers to imagine more clearly how they would decorate the space. 

Moreover, potential buyers could be disheartened by the time it takes to strip wallpaper and paint over bright wall colours – not to mention the added costs. 

It’s often recommended to declutter your home before viewings as one of the most effective ways to expedite the sale of your house, according to House Buyer Bureau.

A cluttered home can not only appear unattractive and messy to potential buyers, but it can also be a major deterrent as they may struggle to imagine themselves living in such a space.

It’s crucial to depersonalise your home when you’re trying to sell it. By removing personal items like photos, canvases and prints, you can help potential buyers form an emotional connection and envision themselves living in the space.

If your house is cluttered with personal belongings, it could deter buyers, hinder their ability to see the property as their own, and potentially devalue your home.

First impressions count when selling a property. A neglected exterior can instantly disappoint potential buyers, a sentiment that can be hard to shake off.

Whether it’s an overgrown front garden, debris cluttering the pathway to the front door, or paintwork in dire need of attention, kerb appeal plays a significant role in a buyer’s perception.

In addition to creating a negative first impression, buyers are unlikely to pay the asking price for a property that appears uncared for and requires substantial work to make it habitable.

Three factors that could devalue a property’s value

  1. Smoking inside the house
  2. Too personalised decor
  3. Clutter


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