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'Pensioners didn't get a brass farthing!' Linda hits out at Universal Credit handout


Ministers from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have called on the UK Government to scrap plans to axe the £20 increase to Universal Credit and instead make the higher rate of payment permanent. In a letter to Work and Pensions Secretary Therese Coffey, they branded the change, which is due to come into effect in September, as the “biggest overnight reduction to a basic rate of social security since the modern welfare state began, more than 70 years ago”. But GB News viewers want to halt the handouts as presenter Patrick Christys read emails from Brits.

One viewer, Adam, wrote in: “We’ve become far too generous and very much a handout nation.

“Cuts in aid need to be made otherwise it encourages people to become scroungers.”

Joan added: “This is not a credit cut so stop making it up. It’s a temporary measure.”

While Linda noted: “Employed got furlough, unemployed got extra money, pensioners didn’t get a brass farthing.”

More to follow…

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