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Pension problems & paperwork – expat warns relocating 'not a decision to be taken lightly'


However, dates of payment can change due to national holidays, which is something expats should be aware of.

Alongside pensions, general paperwork is another headache those relocating are likely to have to tackle at some point or another.

“Moving to another country is not a decision to be taken lightly,” Nichola continued.

“Make sure you have a plan and find out as much as possible about the paperwork needed when moving and either have a native or contact who can help you.”

Nichola also highlighted language barriers as a hurdle for those moving to a non-English speaking country.

“Depending on which country you move too, the obvious answer is language barrier,” she said.

“I’m lucky in that although I never learnt French, my partner is French and I’ve been listening to French for many years.

“After that it would be making friends and finding a job if you don’t have one lined up.”

There is then the gap between being a permanent resident and being legal citizen.


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