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Peace lily tips will help your houseplant thrive – only water when you see one major sign

Peace lilies have specific needs that can’t be ignored if you want your precious houseplant to thrive.

That’s why Cait, who refers to herself as your “go to plant girl,” has shared a wealth of knowledge about peace lilies.

In a TikTok video uploaded to her 24K followers, she said: “Alright it’s time for the peace lily. People find these plants very easy to care for and they are definitely very popular.

“They’re actually not a true lily. They’re not in the lily family. But in terms of tranquillity, their name definitely makes sense.

“For sun they can tolerate low light and partial shade, and they’re actually one of the few plants that can handle fluorescent lights.

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“When you do water them, make sure it’s a lot of water and very thorough.

“Also important to note that they’re extremely sensitive to chemicals and tap water.

“If you see their leaves drooping that means they need more water. And if you see their leaves yellowing that could mean they’re getting too much light. On the other hand, if you don’t see them flowering, move them to a brighter-lit area.

“And lastly if they’re browning at the tips they could be getting too much water,” she finished off.


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