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Peace lilies ‘never stop flowering’ when kept in 1 location of your home, claims gardener

Peace lily houseplants, when in bloom, deliver the most beautiful foliage and abundant white blooms. 

Known by the botanical name Spathiphyllum, peace lilies are undemanding plants that excel indoors.

Given proper care and conditions, peace lilies bloom freely year-round. Their long-lasting white blooms last a month or more

One of the most important factors peace lilies need to bloom to their full potential is location as lighting is crucial for them.

Taking to the Gardening UK Facebook page, one woman asked where to keep her new peace lily.

Joanne Millward wrote: “Fell in love with the peace lily after seeing some posts on them. Sent it to my husband and he got me one. I love it. 

“Now I’m just after some advice on how to look after it and the best place to sit her.”

Group members in the comments section all agreed that these houseplants need bright light but not direct sunlight.

Sue Merry wrote: “Lots of light but not direct sunlight, only water when soil becomes dryish. I water mine once a week. Water from the bottom, not the top.”

Helen Davies said: “Peace lilies are very thirsty. Water as soon as you see the leaves lower, but ideally not droop as that creates stress for the plant. 

“They like a spot that is just back from very sunny. However, the best spot is one where they flower, for me it’s in the hallway by the front door.”

Coral Smith commented: “Mine is years old and I keep it just inside the front door which is patterned glass. 

“We have four flowers at the moment but it never stops flowering in this spot.”

For those intending on keeping their peace lilies by their front door, ensure that no drafts are coming in.

Peace lilies do somewhat ok in low-light situations, but they won’t be able to produce many blooms if any at all. 

Instead, they do best in bright, filtered, indirect light. As well as drafts, avoid direct sunlight, which can burn peace lily leaves.

For those looking to expand their peace lily collection or want to be new owners, they can pick one up from Dobies for £10.98 or at Dunelm for £25 and it comes with a mister bottle.


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