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Peace lilies need crucial care step as soon as brought home to avoid premature wilting

Peace lilies are popular houseplants, not only due to their beauty but also for their air-purifying properties and affordable price.

But, sometimes, if they are not repotted as soon as they arrive in their new home, peace lily flowers may soon start to wilt.

And while it may be a known fact to some, a YouTuber took to her platform to raise awareness among other plant lovers.

“You need to always repot your plant into fresh soil, that [is] the best mixture,” she said.

According to the plant specialists at Lively Roots, peace lilies need a special kind of potting mix that allows water to drain easily while still keeping the soil moist.

“It should contain peat moss, lime, perlite and sand, as do great in partially sandy soils,” they told GB News.

“If you get a universal indoor plant potting mix, you can always add some sand to avoid water-logging.”

The experts continued: “When you bring the plant from a greenhouse, where it was grown in a very bright area, [where] the air humidity was very high, you don’t [necessarily] have these conditions in your place.

“This is why your plant needs to have a couple of days to get used to, and to get adjusted to your environment, your air, your humidity.”

And if your peace lily is struggling to flower or is drooping, these are indicators of its needs, so it’s important to pay heed.

@plantsavvyco on TikTok, who regularly shares content about plants and is a “houseplant stylist” has also shared some tips you should keep in mind when it comes to caring for the dramatic plants.

In a video, she said: “Hey y’all, here’s how I take care of my peace lily. So these guys like bright and direct light, but they can survive in low light. These plants are also the best for those who seem to overwater their plants.

“They will let you know when they need to be watered, they will droop. And then you just really thoroughly water them.

“If they’re not flowering they need brighter light,” they finished off.


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