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Peace lilies 'can live for decades' with 1 kitchen scrap item – 'simple' tip to try

David Denyer, based at Eflorist, has previously achieved Chelsea Gold Medals and Best in Show titles at the renowned Chelsea Flower Show.

The flower expert, who has also appeared on the TV show Gardeners’ World, shared a titbit about peace lilies.

“Many people may be unaware, but peace lilies require potassium to aid with their growth,” said Denyer. “So using a banana peel is a unique way to help with this.”

There is, however, a “genuine method” to using a banana peel to promote peace lily growth, rather than sticking a banana peel in the soil.

Denyer explained: “To make some potassium-rich fertiliser, put some banana peel in a jar of water, and leave it to sit for at least a day or two – the longer the better!

“Be generous with the amount of banana peel you use, as the more you add, the more potassium-rich the water will be.”

Once the soaking process is complete, Denyer recommended to “drain the water into a fresh jug and dispose of the banana peel”.

Denyer instructed: “Then, dilute the banana peel water with some fresh water and use this liquid to water your peace lily.”

The gardening enthusiast promised that if banana water is used twice weekly, “it will help to keep the nutrients in the soil rich and promote growth”.

He emphasised the importance of following the process he outlined above, otherwise issues could arise.

“Just throwing some banana peel in the soil could attract pests and insects, who may end up eating the plant, and cause it to die faster,” Denyer cautioned.

When following the correct procedure, it’s paramount to continue the normal maintenance of the plant, such as watering once weekly.

Additional maintenance includes placing the house plant in indirect sunlight and deadheading any leaves or spathes.

The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) clarified: “Deadheading is the term used for the removal of fading or dead flowers from plants.”

Denyer advised general maintenance of the peace lily plant and doing the biweekly banana water hack will “keep it healthy”.

Denyer beamed that a bunch of bananas can be bought for as little as 16p, making this such a “simple and cheap hack” to try.

He added: “Peace lilies typically live for three to five years, but with the correct maintenance, they can live for decades.”


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