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Peace lilies and orchids will ‘keep flowering better’ with just 1 kitchen scrap ingredient

Peace lilies and orchids are similar in the sense that they are relatively low-maintenance houseplants.

While both indoor plants will grow without much care, they will fail to thrive. This will also lead to a lack of or no blooms.

One thing that can help both these houseplants to flower is fertiliser, but you don’t always have to rely on the shop-bought stuff.

Many gardening enthusiasts have claimed that some kitchen ingredients can be used to give these houseplants nutrients – one is banana peels.

Unsure whether or not there is truth behind this, one woman took to the Gardening Hints and Tips page for advice.

Jean Kennedy said: “I have learnt that banana water is good for my peace lily but is it also good for my orchids and other plants?”

Group members in the comments section were split on opinions. Many claimed banana peels work great as a fertiliser, whereas others urged that it shouldn’t replace a specialised fertiliser.

Jill Christie said: “My peace lily and orchid did very well on banana water this spring and a few other indoor plants.”

Audrey Acey wrote: “My son uses it all the time on my orchids and peace lilies and they keep flowering better all year round.”

Jaci Geal commented: “I started using banana skins soaked in water on our plants and as others have said, they just keep flowering.”

Lieka Benckendorff said: “Banana peels are fantastic as they promote flowers in any flowering plants.”

However, Debbie Newman argued: “A good watering regime with a hint of banana is good, but I’m sorry to say that water with a hint of banana will not replace a good fertiliser.”

Banana peel fertiliser is said to be good for houseplants and garden plants like roses and hydrangeas as it contains many nutrients that contribute to healthy and happy plants.

The most common way to water plants with banana peels is to soak them in a jar filled with water for at least one week. 

Remove the peels and dilute the mixture so it’s not quite so acidic, then spray it at the base of your plants. 

Alternatively, you can steep the peels for up to a month to make a tea that is more acidic for plants that prefer acidic fertiliser. 

The banana water acts as a liquid fertiliser or compost tea as well as a pesticide that will help repel pests like aphids.


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