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Passenger on Newark-bound United flight has total meltdown, bites flight attendant

A United Airlines passenger was kicked off a flight on Tuesday night, after biting a flight attendant and ripping off a piece of their uniform with her teeth.

The incident occurred on United Flight 762 traveling from Miami to Newark, N.J., and was captured in a video obtained by TMZ.

In the footage, the unidentified woman can be seen screaming at fellow passengers and trying to escape the zip-ties the flight crew used to restrain her.

She’s seen attempting to bite a male flight attendant multiple times and spitting out pieces of his uniform, before threatening others on the plane and telling one woman to “go back to Russia.”

Sources also reported the woman allegedly spit on someone and threw punches during the meltdown.

The flight was ultimately delayed by about three and a half hours, as the plane made an emergency landing in Orlando to escort the woman off the aircraft.

In the video, the other passengers can be seen clapping in celebration as the woman is taken off the plane.

It’s unclear what led up to the incident or what charges, if any, the woman may face, but she could be seen in the footage being escorted away by police.

The airline confirmed the incident in a statement Wednesday afternoon.

“United flight 762 from Miami to Newark stopped in Orlando on Tuesday evening after a passenger became aggressive and disruptive,” the airline said. “Our flight attendants worked to de-escalate the situation and protect other customers and after landing in Orlando, law enforcement met the flight, and the passenger was removed.”


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