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Parents' worst nightmare as teenager caught wielding five-inch 'dagger' in children's park


Police were called to the village of Lavenham in Suffolk after they received reports that two boys were openly smoking drugs in the park.

Sudbury and Haverhill Police posted on their Facebook page: “A big thank-you to the #Lavenham resident who took the time to call us yesterday regarding two youths monopolising a younger kiddies play area in the village… whilst openly smoking drugs and wantonly spitting everywhere.”

The force had a unit nearby so officers were able to arrive at the scene promptly.

Initially, both of the youths cooperated with the officers until one of them, a 16-year-old, attempted to flee the scene.

The force said “he didn’t get too far” and once caught, he was found with “a few wraps of weed”, some digital scales and a five-inch “dagger” down his trousers.

Officers confirmed that he wasn’t a resident of the village.

The teenager was quickly arrested and the police continue to investigate the incident.

His phone was seized and continues to be in police possession while they check it both “as a suspect’s phone” and “for evidence in case he’s victim of County Line’s control”.

In the Facebook post, the police force said: “Let’s hope this young man wises up and fast”.

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Suffolk’s Police and Crime Commissioner Tim Passmore said: “Operation Sceptre gives the Constabulary an opportunity to raise awareness of knife crime and also give people an opportunity to deposit blades safely – I fully support this work.

“We need to do all we can through education, peer pressure, policing and sentencing to make it absolutely clear that it’s never acceptable for a person to carry a knife or weapon. I find it really disappointing that anyone carries a blade of any kind. I would implore all parents to talk to their children about the dangers of knife crime.

“This growing trend has got to stop, carrying a knife just doesn’t make you safe, it can lead to dreadful consequences.”

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