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Parents warned after man grabs girl on way to school 'Yell run tell!'


All Saints College in Bradley, North Yorkshire, alerted parents and the police yesterday afternoon after a girl was approached by a man on her way to school. Luckily, the girl got away and is safe and well. The alert said: “Please speak to your child this evening about walking on their own, to be alert of those around them and to report anything they think is unusual.

“Please tell your child to yell-run-tell.”

Parents are advised to tell their children the following if they find themselves in a situation:

· No inappropriate touching, talking or bullying.

· If you feel uncomfortable or unsafe, tell them no and go and tell a safe adult.

· Go away from the area immediately.

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“The incident is reported to have taken place on a path between Bradley Boulevard and Oxley Road between 8.30am and 8.45am after a teenage girl was approached by a male in suspicious circumstances.

“The girl was unharmed and enquiries are ongoing into the incident by Kirklees CID to determine the nature of what took place.

“Anyone who was in the area at the time and has information is asked to contact Kirklees CID on 101 referencing police log 429 of May 5.”


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