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Paint expert’s number one colour to never paint your walls or risk putting off buyers

Choosing colours for the home can be hard, while some stick to neutral and others opt to step out of their comfort zone and introduce colour.

An expert has shared which colours certain home buyers would not want to see inside a home, including bright ones.

Michael Rolland, interiors expert and managing director of The Paint Shed, said: “When it comes to mass appeal, the bright and bold miss the mark. 

“It is important to remember that, when selling a property, viewers need to be able to imagine their own lives inside that house so they can envision it as their own home. 

“If a seller has put their personal preferences all over in the way of bright colours or wacky wallpaper, buyers will not only struggle to imagine their belongings and selves in the space. 

“They will also be considering the cost of redecoration, which after the other fees associated with buying a property is not going to persuade them to put in an offer.”

The Paint Shed conducted a study which asked UK residents which colours would put them off putting an offer in on a property.

Fuschia, a bright pink, came out on top with nearly half of respondents choosing this shade out of the 60 they were presented with.

In second place was a neon pink, followed by a neon yellow and lime green.

Michael said: “A trend that is gaining traction at the moment is distemper paints. 

“This type of paint has a powdery finish which mimics the soft appearance of more historical buildings, such as stately homes. 

“This is probably due to the increased interest in Royalcore and Regencycore off the back of Bridgerton, Gilded Age, The Great and Downton Abbey: A New Era.

“Farrow & Ball Casein Distemper is a good choice for this look. Little Greene also has a Distemper finish.”

Other colours putting off buyers include electric orange, black, lemon and electric blue.

Instead, it is best to stick with neutral colours, especially if you’re thinking about selling a home quite soon.

Navy’s and sage greens are also popular, especially in the kitchen or living room.

This also goes for front door colours too, with many people finding bright colours off-putting.


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