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Ozark's Erin Pierce star announces new role away from Netflix drama on rival Amazon Prime


Erin Pierce (played by Madison Thompson) has had quite the rollercoaster ride of things since she set foot in Ozark at the start of season three. The daughter of scheming lawyer Helen Pierce (Janet McTeer), Erin was kept in the dark about her mother’s criminal career under Omar Navarro (Felix Solis) and the cartel right up until the very last episode of the third season. And while Erin’s future on the Netflix show will come to an end in the fourth and final season, actor Thompson already has an exciting project lined up next in Emergency from Amazon Studios.

Thompson has signed up to star in Emergency alongside some of the biggest up and coming names from the world of Hollywood.

Disney star Sabrina Carpenter, best known for her role in Girls Meets World, will star opposite the Ozark actress alongside the likes of Black Lightning’s RJ Cyler.

NCIS: NOLA’s Donald Elise Watkins and Penny Dreadful actor Sebastian Chacon will also star.

According to Deadline, filming is already underway and Thompson soon took to social media to share her excitement.

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Erin packed her bags and vowed she’d be moving back to Chicago to be with her father, seemingly cutting ties with Helen for good.

However, Helen had more pressing issues than trying to mend bridges with her child as a plane to Mexico awaited for her and the Byrdes.

Convinced she’d schemed the husband and wife money laundering duo out of the business, Helen was sure she was leading the Byrdes to death at the hands of Navarro.

But she couldn’t have been more wrong as Navarro had trusty hitman Nelson (Nelson Bonilla) shoot Erin’s mum in the head instead.


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