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Oxford has failed me over alleged rape, says woman student


The complainant alleges authorities “washed their hands” of her and said they have done little to reform the beer-swilling macho culture. The woman, who cannot be named, said she was stunned by “inappropriate” remarks by a senior professor at a Zoom meeting to discuss her case.

Sir John Bell, who was involved in the development of the AstraZeneca vaccine, allegedly said: “I could tell you some stories which you don’t really want to hear. Give those guys a couple of pints of beer or too much to drink and they behave un-believably badly.

“I mean, to be clear, we have had guys go to jail for things they have done.”

The complainant, a member of the university’s women’s boat club, claims she was raped last October. She decided against making a formal report to the police to avoid the trauma of an investigation and because the rape conviction rate is so low.

She did ask the authorities to issue a non-contact order to the alleged offender, who denied any sexual assault to a member of university staff.

The complainant said the authorities responded later saying they would investigate if she went to the police.

The woman said: “It’s like the university was washing its hands of it, saying, ‘There’s nothing we can do’ No-one knew what to do, there’s no protocol.”

The university insisted students are supported when they make allegations of sexual assault and harassment.

A spokesman said: “The university will not comment on the contents of conversations held in confidence.

“Sir John has been very concerned about this case and active in ensuring that all disciplinary and support processes are in place.”


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