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Owen Jones mocked following calls to ABOLISH monarchy 'riddled with racism'


In the wake of the interview with Oprah Winfrey, Jones insisted it was now time to get rid of the monarchy which he claimed was “riddled with racism”. In his video on Twitter, the political commentator also claimed the monarchy was “shadowy” and “unaccountable” in a bold attack against the institution. Despite his attack, social media users were quick to mock Jones for his claim, despite Meghan’s comments.

One person on Twitter said: “Oh well, that’s that then.

“Do you think they’ll sell the palaces or use them for social housing?”

A second said: “As is normal on Twitter, people use this situation as justification for their own agenda whatever their point of view.

“Thanks for not disappointing Owen.”

A third said: “Owen Jones claiming moral high ground about being intolerant with anyone who has crossed them!”

Many other social media users were quick to dispute Mr Jones’s demands despite some of the comments revealed in the interview with Oprah.

In what is the biggest royal intervention in a generation, Meghan claimed one unknown royal had commented on the skin colour of her son, Archie.

Although Oprah later confirmed this was neither the Queen nor Prince Philip, it has sparked controversy over the institution.

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“Harry, Meghan and Archie will always be much-loved family members.”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson, also confirmed he would not comment on the matter although Downing Street did reveal he did watch the tell-all interview.

Asked on the Royal Family investigating the problem internally, the Prime Minister’s spokesman declined to comment on the decision.

Some MPs, however, have called for a Commons debate or frontbench investigation into the allegations.

As well as alleged comments on Archie’s skin colour, Meghan also stated she had been left isolated by the Royal Family as the Duchess adapted to royal life.

She added: “There was no guidance.

“Unlike what you see in the movies, there’s no class on how to speak, how to cross your legs, how to be royal.


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