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Owen Jones hits out at Brexit museum plan as he warns of extra 'division' among Britons


Owen Jones savaged the idea as bizarre and questioned why the organisers would risk stirring further “division” over the Brexit referendum results. Appearing on Channel 5’s Jeremy Vine show the Guardian columnist questioned whether a Brexit museum would indeed be seen as a nice family day out for most Britons. Mr Jones argued that the idea had likely only been thought up in order to “wind people up.”

Mr Jones said: “Is your idea of a nice family day out to go to the Brexit museum?

“Your family might be divided over it so that is one way to relitigate an argument that divided the nation, not something I am going to miss myself particularly.

“A lot of these ideas I genuinely think are brought up not because they are a good idea in of themselves but because people think they will wind other people up.

“I’m not wound up I just think it is really weird but it is funny, if people want to make a museum to Britain ending its direct relationship with the European Union as I said fill your boots, it’s just bizarre.”

It comes one week on from Mr Jones’ spat with Conservative MP James Wild after the Brexiteer hit out at the “zero” amount of Union Jack’s in the BBC’s Annual Report.

In an online meeting of the Public Accounts Committee, Mr Wild had hit out at the BBC’s new director-general Tim Davie over the public service broadcaster’s lack of Union Jack flags in the BBC’s Annual Report.

The MP asked Mr Davie why there were “zero” Union Flags featured in the BBC’s Annual Report. 

He later tweeted: “I asked about Union Jacks as I couldn’t spot any in its 268-page Annual Report, maybe this year’s will.”

Mr Jones tweeted in response: “Where’s your flag, James? There’s no flag behind you!

“No flag pin on your lapel, no Union Jack-themed glasses or collar or tie or hat.

The Labour Party activist also found himself in the public eye earlier this month after calling for the Monarchy to be abolished in the wake of the Oprah interview.

Mr Jones also said more tourists visit Chester Zoo than Buckingham Palace, although he did not provide any evidence or figures for this.

However, people were quick to dismiss Mr Jones’ comments by outlining why the Royal Family was “profitable” for the country.

One person wrote: “They are a profitable part of our tourism industry and global brand.”


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