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Over 30 rule changes set to be included in new Highway Code to ensure roads 'stay safer'


Highways England is working with the DVSA on updating guidance to ensure road users follow the latest legislation. The agency has proposed a massive 39 significant changes to the guidance for the next Code.

Proposed changes to the Code will include guidance on how to use the controversial smart motorway networks.

This will include an explanation of the availability and appearance of emergency areas and the use of red X signs which are used to close lanes.

New details on how road users can keep themselves safe in the event of a breakdown or an emergency will also be added.

Guidance for variable speed limits to manage congestion and details on how safety cameras are used to ensure compliance will also feature.

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Under current rules, the Highway Code tells drivers to simply “switch off your mobile phone” before leaving.

However, this rule will be updated to allow drivers to take a “charged mobile phone containing emergency telephone numbers.

Jeremy Phillips, Highways England Head of Roads Safety said “more needs to be done” to help motorists understand new road rules.

He said: “The Highway Code is the go-to guide for road users to help make journeys as safe, efficient and sustainable as possible.

We know more needs to be done to help motorists understand exactly how modern motorways and high-speed roads operate.

“The updated edition of The Highway Code will help inform the next generation of road users as well as giving important updates to those with many miles under their belt, to help us all stay safer.”

Highways England has said it was vital all road users were aware of the Highway Code.

They added it was also important motorists were considerate to other road users and understood their responsibility on the road.

To include motorists in the discussion, the group has launched a new four-week consultation to allow road users to give their thoughts on the updates.

The consultation runs until 23:59 on Monday 29 March and will be used to determine what level of support there is for each change.

Highways England have said a summary of the responses and the next steps will be published within three months of the consultation. 


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