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Outrage as 'Kill the Bill' posters congratulate Bristol thugs and offer anti-police advice


The sick posters appeared after the city saw its worst night of violence in decades following a demonstration against the Government’s Police and Crime Bill turned violent. If passed it will give police more powers to deal with non-violent protests.

While many across the country took to the streets peacefully, anarchists in Bristol quickly had the city centre’s Bridewell Police Station “under siege”.

As the violence escalated 12 police vehicles were damaged, the station’s windows were smashed and 21 officers were injured.

Avon and Somerset Police have arrested eight people so far and warned that rioters can expect a “knock at the door” as it trawls through evidence.

In response to this posters’ headlined “Advice for Kill the Bill Protestors” started appearing across the city.

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It then goes on to give advice for anyone caught.

It says: “If arrested or contacted by cops:

“NO COMMENT. There are no friendly chats with the cops.

“Know your rights.”

It goes on to give information about a solicitor’s firm and the “Bristol defendant solidarity” group.

Further down the poster tells anyone not involved in the riots to not “snitch” or identify offenders.

A picture of one poster was shared on Twitter today – and quickly garnered dozens of comments from users outraged at the audacity of the rioters.

One wrote: “These are a disgrace. I would certainly snitch on someone I knew if I’d seen them at these riots.

“One of the worst things I saw was someone attempting to set fire to a police van while officers were inside. This individual needs to be found and charged with attempted murder.”

Another wrote: “The majority of good people in Bristol will need to step up & assist the police if they want to stamp this out. It’s everyone’s responsibility.”

A third wrote: “Considering the police have ‘limited resources’, they are desperately trying to cover their tracks. Find em, name em, jail em. How about that for a new hashtag.”

Det Ch Supt Carolyn Belafonte said CCTV footage, body-worn camera videos and social media coverage were being studied along with photographs.

A dedicated page has also been set up on the Avon and Somerset Police website for people to send footage and pictures in.

“From what we’ve already obtained, we’re confident more arrests are imminent,” said Det Ch Supt Belafonte.


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