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Oregon State puts F. King Alexander on probation for his role in LSU sexual misconduct scandal


Former LSU president F. King Alexander as photographed on Wednesday, Sept. 26, 2018.

The Oregon State University Board of Trustees decided after a nearly seven-hour meeting Wednesday to place President F. King Alexander on probation until June 1 for his role in the mishandling of sexual misconduct complaints while he was at the helm of Louisiana State University and the erosion of trust it has created.

The sanction falls short of numerous calls for Alexander’s termination, but it still makes him the fifth person to face accountability in connection with the failures at LSU.

During his probationary period, the board decided, Alexander must come up with an “action plan” outlining how he will rebuild the trust of campus. The board said it would then evaluate that plan and receive feedback from the community.

“Significant concerns have been raised about trust and commitment to OSU values from any aspects of the community,” trustee Michele Longo Eder said. “We need to find a way to see if it’s possible to address those going forward.”


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