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Orchids will flower ‘all year’ if fed one natural item every few weeks in the summer

Orchids can sometimes be tricky to keep happy, but it turns out there is a simple way to get them to flower throughout the year without too much effort. 

Monty Don has shared that orchids will greatly benefit if fed a seaweed fertiliser now, as it helps them grow so you have a greener and healthier houseplant. 

Writing for the Daily Mail, Monty said: “Moth orchids are epiphytic, which means that in their native environment, they grow on other plants, rather than in soil.

“As a result, they have evolved to live on scant rations derived from the wash-off from their host trees, so do not usually need feeding. 

“However, giving them a weak liquid seaweed solution instead of their normal watering every couple of weeks during summer is a good idea.” 

Orchids are actively growing in the summer, and a seaweed fertiliser can give them the nutrients in need as support while also containing compounds to help root development and help the plant have longer-lasting blooms. 

The higher temperatures and more light in the summer can easily stress orchids which is why it is important to have the right feed, but orchids also need to be watered correctly during the hot temperatures. 

Watering orchids is easy but they need to be kept moist but not wet in the summer to keep them hydrated to stop them from becoming waterclogged. 

It is better to deeply water orchids when their soil has slightly dried out rather than watering at a regular schedule, but make sure to mist them if the weather is particularly hot. 

Monty said: “Water them in a sink or on a draining board, let the surplus drain away and then return them to their growing position. 

“You will probably need to do this once a week in winter and twice as much in summer. Let the water reach room temperature before using it.”

Orchids also need to be placed in the best spot in the home to ensure they are getting enough light without scorching the leaves. 

It is best to place orchids near but not directly by an east or west-facing window to keep them healthy without the intense midday sun harming them.

They also need good airflow with warm temperatures, but avoid placing them near areas with sudden changes in temperature as it can greatly stress the plant out. 

Monty said: “Moth orchids originate from the Philippines and love heat so need to be quite hot – 16-19°C at night and 20-30°C during the day.

“So if you have a conservatory or sunny room, or just like to keep your home well-heated, then these will be very happy. They need good year-round light if they are to flower and can do so all year.”


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