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Orchid care: How to make houseplant bloom and keep it ‘healthy’ – 'it's important'


Orchids are so popular because of their bloom time. The houseplant has been known to last several months, if not years, usually flowering all year round. When it comes to looking after the plant, watering it correctly is important.

“The first thing to do when you think your orchid is dying is to up the frequency of watering and fertilising to rehydrate the plant.

“Trim damaged stems and place them in direct sunlight.”

According to the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS), moving orchids into a different room in the home can “kick” them into flowering.

The website states: “It doesn’t take much, but lowering the heat by 5 degrees, usually in autumn, will often kick plants into flowering.

“Moving them to a different room in the house may be all they need but it makes a huge difference to most of the orchids we grow in the home.”

Moth orchids, which are the most popular variety, are often easy to care for.

The RHS said: “Flower buds drop if exposed to extreme temperatures – they’re especially sensitive to cold draughts, so don’t buy plants from outdoor market stalls or supermarket foyers during cold weather.”

Although an orchid is easy to look after, when it comes to watering, it’s important to know how often to water them.

On average, most plants can be watered once a week to every 10 days, depending on how much water they absorb.

It’s also important to make sure they are not overwatered.

The RHS added: “Grey, shrivelled roots mean they’re too dry – give them a mist to increase humidity.”

Rainwater or boiled water is best for an orchid because they do not like the chlorine in fresh tap water.

It is also advised to mist the plants with room temperature water.

The RHS added: “When they’ve finished flowering, cut the flower spike back to the highest node, and they may well re-flower.”

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