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Opinion: With more allegations, comes more uncertainty for Deshaun Watson's future


The sexual misconduct lawsuits against Deshaun Watson are accumulating quickly now. First there were a handful, then a dozen, now there are 19, including three on Monday alone. Another woman has come forward to tell her harrowing story to Sports Illustrated. So that’s 20 in all.

Twenty women who were giving Watson a massage claim he exposed himself or purposely touched them with his genitals, in two cases forcing them to put their mouths on his penis.

If true, it’s obviously so awful that Watson should not only never play football again, he should spend significant time in prison. Watson and his attorney, it should be noted, have broadly denied the numerous allegations. Every single one of these women, they say, is not telling the truth.

Deshaun Watson's future in the NFL has become more murkier as allegations of sexual misconduct mount.

Those defending Watson see this deluge of lawsuits as some kind of tricky conspiracy: 19 women from four different states ganging up with highly-publicized Texas attorney Tony Buzbee to ruin a 25-year-old Pro Bowl quarterback.

So it is significant that the 20th massage therapist has come forward not to file a civil suit as another one of Buzbee’s clients, but simply to talk to SI. This woman said that about 45 minutes into Watson’s session with her in 2019, he took off a towel covering his waist and threw it onto the floor. He then “was lying face up on the table, naked and totally uncovered,” according to the woman’s account. “I was in shock.”


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