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Oh dear, Sir Keir! Starmer’s popularity plunges as Labour falls further behind Tories


Britain’s hugely successful vaccine rollout has given the country its biggest surge in economic optimism since records began, according to an Ipsos MORI poll. Commissioned by the London Evening Standard, it found that for the first time since 2015 slightly more people think things will improve over the coming year than think they will get worse.

And it will be music to the ears of the Conservative Party who have put on three points since February to reach a high of 45 percent.

Sir Keir’s Labour party meanwhile have failed to make any headway and are still languishing at 38 percent.

The Liberal Democrats were down a point to six, and the Greens lost three points to sit on five percent, it said.

It found that the Labour leader’s ratings have dipped sharply in the past month, turning negative for the first time since he became leader last April.

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It said that “more people are unhappy with his performance than are happy with it”.

Most worryingly for the leader, who faced a backlash for misjudging the public mood and appearing to back Meghan Markle over the Queen last week, just over half of Labour supporters think he would make a good Prime Minister.

This is down from almost two thirds a month ago, it said.

Gideon Skinner, head of political research at Ipsos MORI, told the Standard: “Although we shouldn’t be complacent that the pandemic is beaten yet, there are clear signs that the public is becoming more optimistic that Britain’s economy can bounce back from the hit it has taken over the last year, fuelled by very positive ratings about the vaccine rollout which have increased even further this month.

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“Ipsos MORI has been tracking Britain’s economic optimism for over 40 years, and never have we seen a bigger drop than at the start of the pandemic, nor a bigger rise than we see now one year on (admittedly from a low base), highlighting the huge impact the virus has had on the country.”

Mr Skinner spoke after Express.co.uk yesterday reported how the Labour leader’s recent errors have cost him dearly with the public and his own party.

Many Labour MPs were outraged when he decided to oppose Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s plans to raise corporation tax in the budget.

And a last-minute Labour U-turn over its stance on the Government’s income tax personal allowance freeze caused further dismay.

Originally Labour said they wouldn’t oppose it, but two days before it went before Parliament they announced they would.

This led to claims that they were “trying to have their cake and eat it”.

Sir Keir had been storming ahead in the polls – briefly overtaking Mr Johnson last year.

But with the success of the Government’s vaccine rollout, and the prospect of the UK coming out of lockdown two months before the EU, his momentum stalled before going into reverse.

All this doesn’t bode well for Labour’s showing at May’s general elections.

Insiders are fearing that the party could perform badly, raising questions about Sir Keir’s suitability to lead the party.

Ipsos MORI interviewed 1,009 adults across GB by phone, March 5 to 12. Data are weighted. Details at www.ipsos-mori.com


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