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NYC Councilman Jim Gennaro accuses Adams aide Tiffany Raspberry of perjury

Queens Councilman Jim Gennaro accused a top aide to Mayor Adams on Thursday of recently lying under oath, marking the latest escalation in an increasingly heated war of words between the two sides of City Hall.

Gennaro, a moderate Democrat representing central Queens who has served in city government for decades, leveled the blistering charge in reference to comments senior Adams adviser Tiffany Raspberry made last week at a hearing about a Council bill that seeks to expand the chamber’s power to block certain top hires the mayor makes.

Testifying under oath at that hearing, Raspberry said the mayor opposes the bill and then claimed he would never meddle in internal Council affairs in a similar way by, for instance, using his political capital to increase any given member’s chance of becoming the chamber’s speaker.

Tiffany Raspberry, New York Deputy Mayor for Intergovernmental Affairs, is pictured during a press conference at City Hall Blue Room on Tuesday, June 4, 2024. (Luiz C. Ribeiro for NY Daily News)
Tiffany Raspberry, New York Deputy Mayor for Intergovernmental Affairs. (Luiz C. Ribeiro for NY Daily News)

At a Thursday afternoon press conference, Gennaro said those remarks from Raspberry amounted to “perjured testimony,” given it has been documented that the mayor’s team pushed behind-the-scenes for Queens Councilman Francisco Moya to become speaker before Queens Councilwoman Adrienne Adams was eventually picked for the top spot in early 2022.

“This was a sworn statement that Tiffany was sent up there to deliver, and everyone from here to Zanzibar knows that he had a dog in the fight when it came to the speaker’s race,” Gennaro said.

When asked by the Daily News to clarify whether he actually believes Raspberry committed a crime in last week’s hearing, Gennaro said: “What was stated was factually inaccurate, and so wherever you want to take it from there, the powers that be can take it.”

Liz Garcia, a spokeswoman for the mayor, didn’t address the alleged inaccuracy in Raspberry’s statement, but blasted Gennaro’s comments.

“This is an egregious attack on Tiffany Raspberry’s character, someone who is widely regarded by her colleagues across all levels of government as an effective, honest, and dedicated public servant,” Garcia said.

After Gennaro’s broadside against Raspberry, the Council passed its mayoral hire oversight bill by a broad margin.

The passage capped weeks of intense feuding over the bill between the Council and the mayor’s office that included Raspberry refusing to answer questions during last week’s hearing and then abruptly leaving the chamber.

“This to me illustrates a contempt for this Council,” Speaker Adams said at that hearing as Raspberry walked out of the chamber.


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