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'Not sure where white fragility comes in' Piers Morgan clashes with Professor on GMB


Piers Morgan, 55, has been left furious recently after hearing a headteacher was willing to erase the likes of Admiral Nelson and Francis Drake from their teaching after one of their pupils questioned why such historical figures were still part of the curriculum. This sparked a debate on Good Morning Britain as the host and his co-star Susanna Reid, 50, were joined by Professor Kehinde Andrews to talk about the matter a little further. However, with the guest offering a different opinion to the outspoken journalist, this then caused a clash to occur between the pair on the ITV news show.

Asked how he felt about Admiral Nelson and if he had a problem with the historical figure, Kehinde said: “He was a rigorous defender of the slave trade.

“He was someone who was really involved in the plantation economy and you got it in the intro; the world has gone nuts.

“The school has decided to change the names of their houses but why is this mainstream news? This is properly white fragility.

“When you try to change any little thing, everyone goes mad and crazy and froths at the mouth. I’m really not sure why this is a news story at all.”

Piers then replied: “When you say white fragility, what do you mean?”

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Kehinde explained: “We should actually be celebrating the children. It was a child who said, ‘Actually, maybe this history is not what we want to he remembering right now’.

“The school listened and that’s a good thing about education,” he continued before Piers jumped in to add more context.

“Hang on, it was one former pupil who wrote to the headteacher and basically said you’ve got to get rid of all these historical figures,” the host said.

He went on to add: “The headteacher didn’t seem to know anything about Nelson or Drake and to his horror, they’re all despicable.”

“He then got rid of them,” Piers continued, before telling his guest: “I’m sorry but I’m not sure where white fragility comes in to actually thinking about airbrushing historical figures.”

Kehinde then hit back as he told the host: “It’s not about history, it’s about children educating teachers and saying, ‘Let’s have some different figures’.

“They didn’t change the curriculum,” he said but the presenter interjected again as he said he didn’t want children to be educating teachers.

With the clash continuing, the guest added: “Because of white fragility, because we don’t want to look at this history, even if we talk about it a little bit people get mad.”



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