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NOT OUR WAR! Thousands flood streets of Russian cities furious at Putin's Ukraine invasion


Footage from the Russian capital Moscow as well as St Petersburg shows thousands chanting and holding placards as they demand an end to the bloodshed triggered by President Vladimir Putin on Thursday as he ordered a full-scale land, air and sea invasion of Ukraine.

Protesters in Moscow were filmed chanting slogans and marching through the streets.

While other furious residents can also be heard shouting through megaphones as scores gather in the city following the dawn invasion of neighbouring Ukraine.

Similar scenes erupted in St Petersburg where thousands gathered to express their anger at President Putin.

But despite the action from desperate Russians, footage shows how police attempted to clamp down on the protests and make arrests across the country amid the fury.

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It comes as a full-scale invasion by Russia from land, sea and air rocked Ukraine on Thursday morning after weeks of threats from crazed Putin.

Heavy bombardments rained down on Kiev and the country’s second-largest city of Kharkiv, alongside other locations.

Following the aerial bombardments, troops poured in from the north, east, and south as the scale of the attack was realised, with 10-regions of Ukraine under siege.

But Ukrainian troops fought back and said they had inflicted heavy casualties on the Russians. 

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Speaking to the House of Commons on Thursday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson branded President Putin a “blood-stained” and hellbent on “imperial conquest”.

He also announced the “most severe” economic sanctions Russia has ever seen, targeting banks and oligarchs.

These sanctions will see all major Russian banks face a full UK asset freeze, while the PM has promised legislation next week to stop large Russian companies raising finance or debt on UK markets.

There will also be limits on the amount Russians can deposit in UK banks, with asset freezes extended to around 100 more people and the Russian owned airline Aeroflot will be banned from the UK.

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Mr Johnson has also said there will be “stringent export controls” for technology sold to Russia, with similar measures being imposed on Belarus. 

Latest reports suggest heavy fighting broke out at Antonov Airport, a mere 15-miles from capital Kiev, after Russian helicopters fired scores of rockets on Ukrainian soldiers before Russian forces moved in and took control, according to The Times.

Russia claim to have destroyed 74 Ukrainian military targets and have also broken through into the Kiev region from the north, they are expected to surround the capital in days.

Western leaders are now scrambling to respond with sanctions, ruling out military action because Ukraine is not a member of NATO.

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