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Not fare… UK public transport the most expensive in Europe


Birmingham, London and Manchester came bottom of a list comparing how affordable transport is in 36 European hotspots, a report by Clean Cities Campaign (CCC) said. It showed people in England’s three biggest metropolises were being asked to shell out up to 10 per cent of their household budget on public transport every month.

In Norway’s capital Oslo, which topped the list for affordability, passengers spend just two per cent.

Paul Tuohy, chief executive of the Campaign for Better Transport group, said it should be a “wake-up call” for the Government to make trains and buses greener and cheaper.

He said: “This makes clear the link between the cost of public transport and efforts to decarbonise transport.

“We currently have a situation where it is often cheaper to drive or fly short distances than take the train or the bus, whereas the greenest option should always be the cheapest.

“We need more affordable public transport to help us achieve the Government’s vision where public transport, cycling and walking are the first choice.”

London came 12th when the list ranked overall progress towards achieving zero-emission travel, scoring 55.8 per cent. Birmingham was 16th with 52.8 per cent and Manchester trailed in 30th place with a 41.1 per cent rating.

Oliver Lord, who heads CCC, said: “The only way to address our air pollution and climate crisis is to ensure public transport is a cheap, reliable and accessible alternative to the car. Our report shows UK cities have the least affordable public transport in Europe. It will inevitably get worse given this Government’s decision to increase fares in a cost-ofliving crisis.”

He added: “The Government should be helping not hindering our cities to play their role in meeting the UK’s clean air and climate goals.”

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