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Not AGAIN! Panic buying frenzy erupts at UK petrol stations – massive queues start to form


There are reports of long queues at petrol stations across the northern city, with longer delays than normal, according to HullLive. One driver, who went to fill up at an Asda in Kingswood, said that the scene was “hectic”.

Queues were also spotted at Tesco and Morrison’s in the area.

The UK’s gas prices shot up by a third today as the conflict threatens European gas supply – of which around 40 percent comes from Russia, mainly travelling via a pipeline through Ukraine.

It comes following scenes of panic buying at petrol stations last year, after a worldwide shortage of natural gas brought on by the coronavirus pandemic saw prices shoot up.

Boris Johnson earlier called for European nations to wean themselves off of Russian fossil fuels.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered troops into Ukraine in the early hours of this morning in a “special military operation”.

According to reports and footage from within Ukraine, Russian forces have entered the country through Belarus, Russian-backed separatist regions and Crimea, which it took in 2014.

Responding to the news, the Prime Minister said in a televised address that he would announce sanctions designed to “hobble the Russian economy”.

More to follow…

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