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'Not $1 more!' Biden stands firm on pledge and scuppers ALL energy ties with Putin


On March 8, the Biden Administration signed an executive order to ban the imports of Russian oil, liquefied natural gas, and coal. It added to a number of crippling sanctions that were already battering the economy, with central banks and Russian oligarchs the target of Western punishments. The stated goal of the March 8 Executive Order is to “deprive Russia of billions of dollars in revenues from US drivers and consumers” and put an end to US investment in Russia’s energy sector.

According to White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, the US won’t even hand Russia even a single dollar more for imports.

He told reporters: “President Biden issued an executive order banning all Russian oil, gas, and coal from the United States.

“The US. will not contribute $1.00 from those three imports to the Russian war machine

“We can absorb the cost of that.”

He shamed the EU for remaining hugely dependent on Russia’s energy imports.

He said: “It is a different fact for the Europeans, who are far more reliant on the Russian energy than the US is.

“We are working overtime to wean Europe off of Russian energy, we are surging exports of US liquified natural gas to Europe so that they can reduce their reliance on Russian gas.

“And we are taking steps to work with them to reduce their reliance on Russian oil as well. President Biden has been in direct contact with European leaders on this issue.”

The EU did lay out in its new energy strategy, REPowerEU, that it plans to slash oil and gas imports from Russia by two thirds by the end of the year.

And to do so, boosting imports of liquified natural gas (LNG) from alternative suppliers like the US was part of the plan to safely reduce reliance on Russia.

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“If Europe does not stop funding Putin, history will not see us as bystanders. History will know we were complicit.”

He went on in a speech in the EU Parliament: “Our energy addiction, our money, allows the killing of Ukrainians, the killing of fellow Europeans whose only crime was to believe in our freedoms.

“Is it not clear that our gas is tainted with blood?”

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